Tools and services supporting business

Ux project, design and building a platform that provides expert reports from the banking and insurance industry. An administrative system for platform management.

In-depth interviews to gather information on the needs of users. Website optimization for content and usability.

System redesign for managing the catalog of e-commerce products in order to increase its usability and fit the needs of users.

Improving the usability of the conversion tool in e-commerce, real-time personalization and marketing automation. Mock-up and design of a new solution.

Ongoing support in the field of user experience design in terms of improving usability and visualization of new solutions for creating, signing and storing documents.

UX project, design and implementation of a website promoting services in the field of industry trainings, product workshops, helping in developing team competence through mentoring programs.

Clients say

The audit was carried out very carefully and on time. It resulted in a detailed report clearly indicating the areas that had to be improved both at the UX and technical level. A description of each of the problems presented contained an explanation indicating why this is a problem, as well as a recommendation for its solution.

Clients say

Our companies have already carried out several projects together. During 4 years of cooperation, Overlap Studio has proven to be a partner you can count on. One of the most-valued features of Overlap is the ability to respond to changes, especially when the project requires a change of direction due to the ongoing business changes.
Piotr Matuszewski — CEO

Clients say

Working with Overlap was pure pleasure, and I could always count on the support of Emil and his team. Full commitment, taking the initiative with simultaneous openness to feedback - that's precisely the combination I was looking for. During the first month, as many people enrolled in the training as before for half a year. Also, participants sign up for my training, even six months in advance.
Iga Mościchowska

Software Houses

Ongoing support in designing user experience of client projects - mobile and web applications. Support for a team of developers in the field of ux and product design.

Ongoing support in designing user experience of client projects - mobile and web applications. Support for a team of developers in the field of ux and product design.


Designing UX mobile applications, conducting research and usability tests, improving the usability of existing solutions. Individual banking panel tests.

Usability tests of corporate banking. UX audit and recommendation of changes to improve the usability of the existing solution.


New website design, based on the analysis of the needs of Institution's users and employees, ux audit, usability tests. Project UI and Development.

Redesign of the medical facility, audit of the previous solution. Optimization of information architecture, refreshing the appearance of the page.

Usability audit of the new platform and site of the Municipal Water and Sewage Company. Recommendations for changes to increase their usability.

Redesign of the private site of the infertility treatment clinic based on previously developed persona. Reconstruction of information architecture.

E-commerce and conversion optimization

The UX (mock-up) design and the reconstruction of the e-commerce information architecture for B2B sales - customers of podiatry salons.

Optimization of the shopping path and refresh the look of the design office page. UX mockups and UI design.

UX and UI project for the landing page of the store with specialist and health accessories for sleep.

UX and UI project for new version of financial comparison tool. Reconstruction of the information architecture, mockups and UI.


Researching the needs of potential users, building a concept, information architecture of a mobile application that improves the users' experience in finding places to spend time.

Market needs analysis, in-depth interviews, finding value proposition and developing the concept of a mobile application. UX mockups and final application design.

Designing UX search engine for the best clinics around the world. Creating mockups based on the client's business model.

Landing page of a mobile application used for communication through free phone calls, video chat and text messages.


Carrying out usability tests and needs research. Designing the UX for mobile application. UX department support.


Design and implementation of the site allowing for registration for industry-based trainings. Building an administration platform for managing the website.


Ocena 5.0
„One of the best product designers in 2019”
Their team fully understood the problem, leading to a top-notch solution.
Co-Creator, Madame Edith
They are passionate about their work—they live and breathe UX.
Effortless collaboration and professional attitude.
CEO, Boom Tech LLC

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