Overlap Studio UX knowledge CASE STUDY – optimization and redesign of the medical center website

CASE STUDY – optimization and redesign of the medical center website

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Client: A medical center offering a wide range of services – from consultation with specialists to diagnostic tests.

1. The challenge

Assistance in rebuilding the site due to low traffic on the site and problems in using it reported by patients.

1.1. Business goals

  • appropriate presentation of the offer addressed to private persons and companies
  • helping patients looking for specific information about doctors, opening hours, prices etc.
  • attracting patients and encouraging the use of the site
  • refreshing the image of the facility
  • simplifying the process of signing up for visits

1.2. Proposed approach

In order to fully optimize the website, the best solution was to combine usability audit and user testing.

2. The course of the project

2.1. Audit, in-depth interviews and usability tests – identified problems

As a result of research and analysis of quantitative data from Google Analytics, we identified problems related to the layout of elements on the page, information architecture and page content.

These problems translated into:

  • low traffic on the website and too few returning customers,
  • problems with finding information,
  • image of the facility perceived as a non-modern institution,
  • high bounce rate,
  • overall bad site rating.

2.2 User needs

Based on the data provided by the client, a detailed interview and quantitative data, we analyzed the target group of the Credomed clinic and created user profiles that can be divided into two groups:

Permanent patients of the clinic – elderly people with low level of technological skills, using the site to search for specific information about doctors, prices and visiting hours. Their main tool for browsing the Internet is a desktop computer (older generation), appointments are usually made by phone.

People who use the services of the clinic irregularly (mainly one-time visits) – expert in the use of modern technologies, using the website mainly to learn basic information about the clinic – range of services, specializations available, opening hours, location. Much more often they come to the website from the organic source (unpaid search), and their main tool for browsing the Internet is a laptop and mobile devices. They prefer to sign up for visits by e-mail.

2.3 The Overlap Studio approach

Well-designed sites combine 3 elements:

  • achieve the client’s business goals,
  • allow users to effectively meet their needs,
  • offer an attractive design that increases the satisfaction of using the website and provides positive impressions.

2.4 Termination

In order to combine these goals, we proposed changes to the website, the most important of which were:

  • redesign of the home page and all subpages, taking into account Credomed USP (uniqe selling proposition) as well as promotions and special offers,
  • introducing social proof elements to the website – opinions of the facility’s customers,
  • new, previously missing content,
  • introducing a new method of signing up for visits,
  • modern, consistent and orderly graphic design,
  • new information architecture,
  • harmonizing the method of presenting content throughout the website,
  • filters to facilitate the search for services,
  • highlighting the advantages and promotion encouraging patients to use Credomed services,
  • expansion of the section presenting the B2B offer in order to increase its attractiveness,
  • using one main CTA (call to action) “Make an appointment” and contact information and placing them in a key place on the website,
  • introducing a new method of signing up for visits,
  • designing the mobile version of the website.

Our goal was to enhance the image of the medical center so that patients could feel safe and confident, and were aware that they were in the hands of specialists. The visual design of the new Credomed website also emphasizes such values ​​as the modern facility, openness to new technologies and professionalism.
At the same time, we tried to meet the needs of users for accessible information both for older people, less tech-savvy (hence the design based on known design patterns), and for younger people using the desktop and mobile versions (responsive version, which previously did not exist).

3. The new version of the website

Effective UX is not only a new website design, but also comprehensive business assistance, supporting the building of the company’s image and the implementation of the selected business model.

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