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Why UX is so important in planning your marketing strategy

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Recent years have been marked by constant changes which, thanks to new technologies, are taking place faster and faster. There is a lot of talk about marketing of the future. From year to year, the marketing industry is looking for newer and newer solutions that will more effectively sell a given product or service. In the maze of new and great ideas, do they not forget about the most important – that is, their clients? If this is the case, what are the consequences and how can they be avoided? The user experience comes with the help, which focuses precisely on the user and his needs. “The goal of UX designer is to make customers who interact with a given product or system be able to perform the action they have planned without any problems and frustration (log in, find information about a given product, make a purchase, etc.)”– says Magdalena Białaczewska, UX Consultant at Overlap Studio. Nowadays, it is the positive experiences accompanying users on the way to their goal that have become the most desirable value. Confirmation of the importance of UX activities can be found in “10 Google principles”, the first of which is: “Focus on the user and all else will follow” and is the basis of the philosophy of this successful company .

Below are 5 reasons why marketing should start investing in UX activities as soon as possible:

1. Increase your sales and conversion

One of the most important arguments that it is worth implementing UX activities into a marketing strategy is the value of the return on such investment. Successful companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple invest large sums of money in building a positive customer experience. It’s scientifically proven that users spend much more time on sites they like and enjoy. They are also more likely to come back to such. As a result, they buy more products through them. Businesses that focus on customers and improve the look and usability of their website increase the average cart value.

Keep in mind that the most important step in the conversion process comes when the user actually visits the site. That is why the first moment of contact, i.e. the landing page, is so important. It must be adapted to a specific group of recipients, and the communication must be adapted to their language. You cannot forget about the proper display of the benefits and the correct display of the website at many resolutions – a small change can significantly affect the bounce rate. This is one of the reasons why understanding the needs and expectations of users is the basis for designing a website that suits them.  

2. Top sellers are happy users

User feedback can greatly increase your sales. Almost 90% of potential customers read and believe the opinions posted on the Internet as much as they trust verbal recommendations. Satisfied users and positive reviews have a direct impact on the increase in sales of a product. Happy users will be happy to recommend the product. A good UX significantly affects their joy and satisfaction.

Therefore, this is why users may be the best or worst product advertisement. For this reason, for example, in-depth research, needs research can be helpful – they help not only detect errors on pages, but also get to know the consumer and his needs better.

3. Increasing customer satisfaction – brand loyalty

Customer satisfaction is associated with positive emotions resulting from the realization of basic psychological human needs. The feeling of satisfaction associated with pleasant experiences creates an emotional bond between users and the brand, as well as a sense of commitment and motivation to use the product in the future.

A great UX design not only attracts new customers, but also binds them to each other. And returning users are loyal users. Therefore, customer loyalty is gained through positive experiences related to the use of a given solution.

4. Increase of the company’s income

A good UX can significantly reduce the remaining costs for communication with the client. If users can easily find the information they need on the website or in the app, they will be happier and will not have to contact customer support for further assistance.

Each of us experienced the frustrating situation when we could not find something quickly on the website and had to contact “Customer Service”. The connection with the consultant is often very long, which increases the level of anxiety. Most people will even give up just before picking up the phone and leave the site, after which they will move to the competition. By investing in better UX design solutions, you can avoid wasting human resources, time and money. They can help, among others Regular website usability tests , thanks to which we can quickly detect where the problem lies.

5. Reduce your bounce rate

People “bounce” off your website for many reasons. UX tools help to find problems on websites that prevent a purchase, reduce trust or make it difficult to find content that is valuable for potential customers. The product or service may be very good, but potential customers are likely to abandon the website if it is not trustworthy or if they cannot find the information they are looking for.

Internet users are accustomed to comfort, they have no patience – they browse websites more and more often on the subway and on the tram, waiting for friends in a cafe. They use a smartphone, which becomes the main point of contact between customers and the brand. If they do not find what they are looking for quickly, they are likely to give up the purchase. In the era of digital marketing, UX is not optional, it is a must. For users, the convenience and pleasure they feel while performing specific activities is a priority that affects their purchasing decisions. If the brand does not meet their expectations, they will simply move to the competition. Of course, investing in UX takes time and money to begin with, but the financial and marketing benefits will be invaluable in the later stages.

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