Overlap Studio UX knowledge CASE STUDY – UX process in creating solutions for PBC

CASE STUDY – UX process in creating solutions for PBC

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What have we done?

  • A platform that provides various types of expert reports from the banking and insurance industry
  • New PBC corporate website , optimized for user experience and conversion
  • Administrative system for employees to manage reports available on the platform
  • Visual identification including logo, business cards, presentation package, e-mail and signature templates, social media posts


PBC is a consulting and analysis company in the banking and insurance industry. Providing innovative reports and expert opinions, it provides specialist knowledge about the market and competition. The platform enables a flexible selection of the type of reports that are crucial for a given client.


The company is growing dynamically and expanding its offer and customer base. In view of these changes, the old website is no longer sufficient. The heavy workload of customer service and the growing database of analyzes and reports have become an increasing problem with manual
material management .


  • Creation of an intuitive platform for viewing and downloading expert reports and analyzes
  • Relieving people working in customer service from the most repetitive activities
  • Creating a system that will be the basis for the further development of the company and will support building the image of a professional and modern company – an expert in the field of banking.

Challenges in designing solutions for companies

  • High level of complexity of the offer and the multitude of functions offered in the system
  • The need to design system mechanics and the interdependence of many options, complex information architecture
  • Proper names of services, not always understood by the end user
  • End users from two groups: decision-makers who administer the funds and ordinary employees who use the system on a daily basis, highly differentiated user needs


Overlap approach

Well-designed systems combine mainly 3 elements:

  • They respond to the client’s business needs
  • They allow users to achieve their goals
  • They offer an attractive design that increases the satisfaction of using the website and provides a positive aesthetic experience


Examples of problems and our solutions:

Customer panel

  • Problem: Complicated proper names that may be incomprehensible to users
    Solution: Special aids for the user – consistent icon system, tooltips and short explanations in selected places
  • Problem: Different types of users with different authorizations, the need for quick access to the system.
    Solution: Designing a user verification method that does not require the participation of customer service employees
  • Problem: Need to search a very large database of analyzes and reports
    Solution: Tagging system, advanced search engine, extensive filtering system
  • Problem: Help in finding oneself in the system, support in difficult moments
    Solution: Extensive and easily accessible FAQ section and a tutorial appearing right after onboarding

Administrator panel

  • Problem: Different types of users with different privileges using the platform
    Solution: Flexible authorization management and different PBC customer groups
  • Problem: Frequent uploading of new files, especially vulnerable to user errors.
    Solution: Optimization of the file upload process
  • Problem: A large amount of content on the website.
    Solution: Content management system, e.g. advanced tagging and publication planning options


Due to the characteristics of the company, we focused on professionalism, elegance, simplicity and modernity. We also created additional 4 logos related to separate services of the entire system.

Graphic identification

When creating a new concept of appearance for Professional Benchmark Consulting, we focused on simplicity, a limited color palette and bright guiding elements referring to the logo. As a result of our work, a brandbook was prepared containing visual identification guidelines, presentations, mailing examples, social media graphics and business cards.

The effect of the work

  • Prepare a new homepage optimized for conversion
  • Designing the customer panel from the very beginning, enabling the download of analyzes and reports
  • Creation of a login and verification system for different types of clients
  • Refreshing the logo and making a coherent graphic identification communicating the most important values ​​for the company

Customer values

  • Possibility to offer our clients a modern solution
  • Simplified content management in one system
  • Increasing your conversion
  • Relieving customer service
  • Possibility to improve the company’s development by automating complex processes
  • Support in building the image of a professional company that is an expert in its field

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