Overlap Studio UX knowledge What are ux research and when is it worth doing?

What are ux research and when is it worth doing?

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UX research can be carried out for various purposes. The two most important of them are:

  • improving the ux of the existing solution (website, application)
  • gathering information about the needs and expectations of the target group

Task oriented usability testing is one of the most popular research methods in the field of user experience. Usability testing is also widely recognized as one of the most effective methods of identifying usability issues in all types of digital products. They consist in conducting detailed interviews combined with the performance of tasks on the researched website or model by people selected as representative for a given group of users. In order to perform the tests, a scenario is created containing tasks verifying key paths and activities that can be performed in the system, on the website or in the application. The tests allow users to verify the users’ understanding of the concept of a given system, the intuitiveness of the interface and the correctness of the information architecture design. Ux tests allow you to verify not only what users declare, but also to see how they are actually coping with a given task. These tests can be carried out with the support of appropriate tools, e.g. eye tracking research. Usability tests are worth carrying out when you want to verify:

  • what ux problems users encounter when using the existing solution
  • before the implementation phase, is the designed product (e.g. an idea in the form of a prototype or mockups) useful and satisfies the users’ needs

UX Research aimed at collecting information about the needs and expectations of the target group are often carried out in the initial stage of creating a product or its thorough reconstruction. They help to validate the idea and gather more information about future users. It results in insights and conclusions that help to design an attractive and useful product. Ux research often takes the form of in-depth interviews, but may be supported by other tools and techniques.

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