Overlap Studio UX knowledge When is it worth asking for ux help?

When is it worth asking for ux help?

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When is it worth asking for ux help?

Help in the field of user experience may be particularly useful when:

  • you are the owner of a digital product, but you do not have ux department or specialists in your team,
  • Your product is already supported by a dedicated ux department / ux specialist, but you need a fresh look at your own product,
  • you are planning to create a website or application and you want the designed solution to be intuitive and attractive for end users,
  • users have a problem with using your solution and you need support and reliable recommendations of appropriate actions (What actions should be taken – make minor corrections, rebuild selected elements, or maybe it will be necessary to completely redesign the solution?).
  • you have an idea for a product, but you want to verify it, so as not to waste the development budget and subsequent corrections,
  • you have created a product that is good programmatically, but it needs improvement in terms of ux.

How can ux help you?  

User experience experts can support, among others in:

  • product idea verification,
  • indication of actions that should be taken to improve the product,
  • identifying problems on the website or in the application,
  • activities of your ux / design department,
  • designing and building a product with good ux.

At what stage of product development is it worth engaging ux specialists?  

The process of creating a digital product includes several stages, ux experts can support you on each of them:

  • Gather information about business goals, constraints, value proposition, and competition to establish an action plan to create a good product. Support in building a business model.
  • Creating a person – defining the expectations and needs of the target group as well as the context in which users will use the product.
  • Definition of usage scenarios – what will be the step-by-step path of users while using the product and how the users will perform their main tasks. Creating a product flow needed at the design and implementation stages. Preparation of a list of target features and functions of the product.
  • Development of information architecture.
  • Designing screens in the form of mockups or an interactive prototype.
  • Testing the designed product in order to optimize it before the design stage.
  • Coordinating the work at the UI design and implementation stage.

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