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What will you get?

We will help you make key decisions to optimize your product
We will support your team and look at your product from a fresh perspective
We will help at every stage of product development (from idea, through strategy development, design, support during development)
We will select the best expert in a given field
We will help you verify your ideas and hypotheses
600% increase
2x more
visited pages
10x less
bounce rate
2x more
returning visitors

When is it worth using the help of a UX expert?

You have an idea for a product, but you want to verify it, so as not to waste the budget for development and subsequent amendments
Your product is already supported by a dedicated ux department / ux specialist, but you need a fresh look
Users have a problem with using your solution and need support and reliable recommendations for appropriate actions

Offer — Consultation with UX experts

5 hours of consultation
USD100 per hour
USD500 + 23% VAT
10 hours of consultation
USD90 per hour
USD900 + 23% VAT
> 20 hours of consultation
USD75 per hour
from USD1.500 + 23% VAT
Consultation may include advice, e.g. in terms of:
website or application optimization
design services
visualizations of improvements
recommendations for actions to improve results
selection of tools and appropriate techniques

600% conversion increase
after implementing the new version of the website

A clear presentation of the offer, highlighting the experience of Iga Mościchowska and giving the website some character contributed to increasing the registration for specialist training.

SEE case study

Decreasing the bounce rate by 100%

The creation of a new, intuitive website architecture made it easier to find the information sought and caused the traffic on the website to increase 2 times, and the fresh, light design helped build a more friendly image.

SEE case study

Website promoting a mobile application for the United Arab Emirates market

We created visual identification and designed and implemented a landing page promoting the application.

SEE case study
OUr Achievements
600% increase
2x more
visited pages
10x less
bounce rate
2x more
returning visitors

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Why us?

For 5 years we have been supporting the online industry in the field of consulting, UX audits and designing useful interfaces. We support e-commerce by streamlining stores (facilitating purchases and finding the information sought) and their processes (developing platforms supporting sales service).

Last year, we were awarded by the Clutch platform as one of the best UX agencies in Poland.

“The UX audit was carried out very carefully and on time. It resulted in a detailed report, clearly indicating the areas that needed to be improved, both in the UX and technical layers."
Piotr Słomianny
“Using Overlap Studio's recommendation, we have rebuilt our blog. Since then, we have seen a significant increase in the number of unique visitors and page views. "
Madame Edith
"Overlap Studio conducted a field study by conducting in-depth interviews with our key customers. Based on their conclusions, we changed the product and directed it in the right direction."
Piotr Sadowski
"Thanks to the cooperation with Overlap Studio, as many people signed up for training in the first month as before for six months, and now participants sign up for my training even six months in advance."
Iga Mościchowska

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